Unload the New Wood Stove

Day #170

October 1, 2020 – I’ve been driving around for several days with the new wood stove in the back of my truck. As I wrote earlier, it is a Quadra Fire 4300. I have to unload it so I can haul other materials.

My goal is to roll it off onto the porch. This will keep it out of the weather until we are ready to move it inside.

I was able to rent a pallet jack from Penn Equipment Company. They are located a little north of Lewistown, in Burnham, PA. I picked it up around 8:00 AM, drove back to the cottage, unloaded the wood stove and returned it by 11:00 AM.

Wood Stove 03

Above, I backed up the truck to the porch and constructed a small wooden ramp for the unload.

Wood Stove 04 - Unload

Using the pallet jack, I walked the wood stove right of the back of the truck onto the porch.

Wood Stove 05 - Unload

Unload complete!

Wood Stove 06

Aside from being a little wet, everything else was good. None of the fire brick (lining) were broken and nothing was missing. Once the accent wall tile is complete we will move the stove inside.

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