Ceiling Joist Solid Bridging

Day #96

September 04, 2019 – Just a short blog today. Woke up this morning feeling tired. Not sure what is going on. Maybe it was the constant up and down the ladders, but the only thing I accomplished today was the installation the of the ceiling joist solid bridging.

I’ve written before about solid bridging. To recap:

Solid bridging provides lateral support to twisted joists and it helps them maintain a vertical orientation. It also facilitates load sharing. Load sharing across wooden joists is important because of the large variation in material properties found between the joists.

Solid Bridging Installation – The Blistered Palm
Ceiling Joist Solid Bridging
Solid bridging installation.

The ceiling joist solid bridging is complete in roof section two.

Solid Bridging
Solid bridging, section two, from above.

Tomorrow I will start the roof rafter installation. The weather has been awesome all week. I hope to get more done than I did today.

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