Porch Roof Construction Continues

Day #95

September 03, 2019 – Hooray! Today I re-started the new porch roof construction. It’s taken awhile to rebuild the rotted out front wall, and thankfully, that is now complete, so let’s go.

This is the second roof section of the new porch addition the first section was started way back on June 16, 2019.

The first step is to set, plumb and brace the 4×4 Douglas Fir posts. These support the edge beams which in turn support the ceiling joists and rafters.

Douglas Fir Posts
Set, plum and brace the porch roof posts.

Next, the edge beams are constructed from 1/2 exterior grade plywood sandwiched between two, 2×10 boards. Panel adhesive and 16 penny nails, on both sides, join the beams together.

Once complete, we lift the beams into place on top of the Douglas Fir posts. G90 Galvanized wood to wood wall ties keep the beams aligned and together.

Porch Roof Construction
G90 wood to wood wall ties.
Porch Roof Construction - Beams
Porch Roof Construction – posts and beams installed.

2×6 ceiling joists are next. The ceiling joists span from the exterior living room wall out to the porch beams. They will hold up the porch ceiling.

Porch Roof Construction - Ceiling Joists
Porch Roof Construction – ceiling joists installed.

With the daylight waning I set the last ceiling joist of this section and cleaned up for the night. Tomorrow I’ll continue the porch roof construction with the installation of the solid bridging between the ceiling joists. See you then…

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