Mid Span Knee Wall & Roof Rafters

Day #97

September 05, 2019 – The ceiling joists are complete. The next step is to construct a mid span knee wall to help support the roof rafters. Our roof span on the new porch side is 24 feet. The midpoint of this span is at the exterior wall of the cottage. The mid span knee wall is constructed on top of the exterior wall. Simple as that…

I build the knee wall framing on the ground on saw horses and then I hoist it onto the roof.

Mid Span Knee Wall
Framing for the mid span knee wall on the roof.

Once the framing is plumbed up and nailed into place, I face the knee wall with 5/8″ exterior grade plywood to keep it square and help stiffen it up.

Mid Span Knee Wall - Plywood Facing
5/8″ plywood facing on the knee wall.


At this point I am out of lumber so I cover the roof and make a make a quick trip to my favorite store, the Lewistown Lowe’s. Be back soon…

Roof Tarp
Covered over for a quick trip to Lowe’s.

Whew, I’m back….

With the plywood facing complete, I begin setting the roof rafters in place. The first span of rafters run from the porch edge beams over to the mid span knee wall, atop the exterior cottage wall.

Mid Span Knee Wall - Roof Rafter
First roof rafter set in place. Bearing on the porch beams.
Mid Span Knee Wall - Roof Rafter
First roof rafter in place. Bearing on the mid span knee wall.

I continued setting the first span of roof rafters until it was time to clean up and grab some dinner.

Roof Rafters
First Span – All roof rafters set.

As always, before I left, I closed it up for the night.

Roof Trap
Tarped over and closed in for the night.

Tomorrow I will install the second span of rafters. They will run from the mid span knee wall up to the ridge board of the existing cottage roof. Nearing completion on the second roof section, exciting stuff!

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