Second Span Roof Rafters

Day #98

September 06, 2019 – Yesterday I completed the roof rafter installation on the first span. Today I am continuing the roof rafters on the second span. The second span runs fron the mid span knee wall to the ridge of the existing roof.

Roof Rafters First Span
First span roof rafters complete.

The roof rafters in the second span must connect to the existing ridge board. In order to gain access to the ridge board I need to cut and remove sections of the old oak roof planking. With the planking removed I can fasten the new rafters to the ridge with galvanized joist hangers.

Holes In Roof
Holes in the existing roof to access the ridge board.
Second Span Roof Rafters
Second span roof rafters in progress.

Tinnler (Tinder?) Roofing

As I am installing the rafters, one of the “Tinnler Roofing” employees is stripping the shingles from the next section of roof. Man that Tinnler (Tinder) Roofing is really great! I think their slogan is “Get a Date and Go Up On a Roof” (or something like that).

Tinder Roofing
Tinder Roofing on the jerb!

With the rafters in the second span complete, the plywood decking can be installed. To cover this section of roof we need 12 sheets of plywood. Since we are not keeping a large stockpile of material on site, once again we are off to the Lewistown Lowe’s.

Second Span Rafters
Second span roof rafters almost complete.
Lewistown Lowe's
Lewistown Lowe’s for a load of roof deck plywood.

We got back with the plywood but the sun was on the way down. I only got two sheets installed before we had to quit for the evening.

Roof Deck Installation
Roof decking installation.

Tomorrow I will complete the plywood roof decking and hopefully the roofing felt. This will dry in this section and we can move on to section three. When this section is complete we have two more identical sequences to finish the new porch roof. Our goal is to complete the roof structure and hire a “real” roofing contractor to install the metal roofing material. We will see how that goes.

Closed Up
Tarped over and dried in for the night.

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