Solid Bridging Installation

Day #44

September 8, 2018 – I started the installation of 2 × 10 solid bridging between the porch floor joists today.

Solid bridging provides lateral support to twisted joists and it helps them maintain a vertical orientation. It also facilitates load sharing. Load sharing across wooden joists is important because of the large variation in material properties found between the joists.

It rained just about the whole time. It’s been raining for this entire project and it’s getting old! Once it got to heavy I quit for the day. We packed it in an headed to Shy Bear Brewing for dinner and adult beverages.

Hopefully it will stop raining tomorrow and we won’t have another rain delay!

Solid Bridging - Install
Installation of 2 × 10 solid bridging between the porch addition floor joists in the rain.
Solid Bridging - Rain!
Work stopped because of rain.
Solid Bridging - Porch Joists
Wood bridging completed in 8 joist spaces.
Solid Bridging - Porch Joists
Bridging completed in 8 joist spaces. Opposite view.
Shy Bear Brewing
Dinner and drinks at Shy Bear Brewing.

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