Chimney Demolition

Chimney Demolition

Day #2

May 4, 2018 – Chimney demolition today. The demolition consists of breaking up and removing the concrete block and the the terracotta flue liner. This demo needs completed in advance of the porch roof removal.  We will haul away the debris from the chimney after we break up the concrete porch slabs. 

Several years ago I rebuilt this chimney. As I was tearing the old chimney down, I discovered a hole in the flue pipe at the stud wall. The oak plank wall sheathing was burned and looked like charcoal. Surprisingly, the cottage hadn’t burned to the ground.

Using a hammer and chisel I made quick work of the chimney demolition.

Building Permit

Day #1

April 21, 2018 – Met with the Bratton Township Codes Enforcement Officer this morning. We got the demo/building permit paperwork completed and have the building permit in hand. Let the demolition begin.

Since we didn’t have any subcontractors lined up for the outside work yet we started the demolition on the inside of the kitchen.

Permit Issuance
Bratton Township Codes Enforcement Officer

Here are the before and after photographs of the beginning of the kitchen demolition. The  chimney demolition should follow in short order.

Before Demo
Before demolition photograph of our kitchen.
Kitchen Demo
Kitchen demolition day #01.