Sewer Pipe Tie In

Day #11

June 5, 2018 – Today I finished the sewer pipe tie in to the existing lateral. Now both the bathroom sink and the toilet flow into the septic tank. Provisions were made to tie in the kitchen sink in the future. Also began to backfill the sewer and drain trenches with pea gravel. 

Demo’d the rotted out window/door panels in the back bedroom. Installed a new stud wall with exterior grade plywood and dried it in with a layer of #15lb felt. We worked until it was dark. The new window installation will wait for another day.


Sewer Pipe Tie In & Pea Gravel Backfill
Backfilling the sewer lateral with pea gravel.


Wood Rot
Wood rot.


Demo'd Opening
Rotted window/door panels removed.


New Stud Wall
New stud and exterior plywood wall dried in.

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