Sewer Piping Repair

Day #10

June 4, 2018 – Today I got all the new pipe and fittings sorted and laid out. I finished digging up the existing sewer piping. Inside the bathroom I removed the toilet. Outside I started the sewer piping repair.

Tomorrow I should be able to tie in the new piping to what remains of the existing sewer lateral.

We sized up the rotted out bedroom window/door panels. Took another trip to Lowe’s to get studs, plywood and a window for the replacement work.

Once again had dinner at Wingman’s.


Sewer Piping Repair
New plumbing pipe and fittings.


Sewer Piping Repair Trench Excavation
Trench excavation for existing sewer piping.
Bathroom Toilet Removed
Bathroom toilet removed.
Rotted Windows
Rotted out window/door panels to be removed.
Harley's At Wingman's
Admiring the nice Harley’s at Wingman’s.

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