West End Porch Gable

Day #121

May 17, 2020 – On most Sunday’s I only work part of the day. Today was no different. With the threat of rain looming I switched gears a bit and decided to close off the west end porch gable. The east end was started way back here, East End Gable Framing

I framed in the 2×4 cripples and then covered them with 5/8 exterior grade plywood. This made short work of the gable end.

West End Gable Framing
West end porch gable 2×4 framing.
West End Gable Plywood
Closing in the gable with 5/8″ plywood.
West End Porch Gable Framing
West end porch gable closed in.

Sometime along the way, Cody, a.k.a “Salad Shooter” came for a visit. Cody is an utterly disgusting dog belonging to one of the cottages near the beginning of the lane. Since, on occasion, we have a pack of dogs at the cottage, every time Cody is here he comes to visit. If none of our dogs are present he basically “marks” everything in sight and then disappears down the lane.

Cody, a.k.a Salad Shooter, making his rounds.

Before heading home for the week I covered the partially demolished overhang on the back side of the cottage. We are almost rid of the blue tarps. I can’t wait!

Old Overhang Covered
Old overhang covered for the weekend.

To jump ahead to the completion of this end of the roof framing visit this post: Rebuild of the West End Overhang is Complete!

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