Concrete Work Is All Done!


Day #31

July 29, 2018 – It is my great pleasure to report that all of the concrete work is done! The family really pulled together this weekend and killed it!

Today we dewatered and poured the last three concrete piers.  All of the piers were striped and all of the footings except for one in the back corner are backfilled. Next weekend, after the last footing is backfilled, we will officially start the floor framing.

Once again, I want to thank my hard working construction crew. Without their help we would not have been able to get the concrete work done this weekend.  So, in no particular order (but different than the last time), Hank, Henry, Ryan, Angelie, Megan, Troy,  Jessie, Phil, Lance you guys are the best crew ever! Thank you all for your hard work this weekend. 

We’ll see what the weather has in store for us next weekend.

Here are some interesting statistics.

  1. Placing 19 footings we poured 2.75 cubic yards of ready mix concrete.
  2. Constructing 19 piers we hand mixed and placed 1.94 cubic yards of bagged concrete mix.
  3. Each bag of concrete mix weighes 80 lbs.
  4. We mixed 88 bags of concrete for a total of 7040 lbs.
  5. To keep the footings dry we pumped, bucketed and dipped close to 10 cubic yards of water and muck.

With that in mind I need a volunteer to count nails. Any takers…?

Concrete Work - Dewatering
Angelie dewatering the last footing with a water canon.
Concrete Work - Mixing Concrete
Phil getting ready to mix up some bagged concrete.
Concrete Work Last Pier
Gyeem shoveling concrete into the last pier form.
Concrete Work - Last Pier
Ryan consolidating the concrete pour.
Concrete Work Complete
View of concrete piers at the end of the day.
Concrete Work Complete
View of concrete piers at the end of the day.
Concrete Work Complete
Celebration Corona at the end of a long weekend.

8 More Piers Poured


Day #30

July 28, 2018 – Today we spent the day dewatering, sump pumping, frog removing, de-mucking, forming and pouring. With a lot of hard work from my construction crew, we managed to get 8 more piers poured. We accomplished much more than I than I had hoped for.  At the end of the day only three more piers remained. With some luck these will be completed tomorrow.

I want to thank my hard working construction crew. Without them we would not have been able to get all this work done.  So, in no particular order, Robrandi, Lance, Ryan, Angelie, Megan, Troy, Hank, Jessie, Phil and Henry you guys are the best crew ever! Thank you all for your hard work today. We will get this done and it will be awesome! It’s a promise!

As a way to kick off the Celebration portion of this blog I will admit that today I turned 60 years young

DeWatering, De-Mucking, Sump Pumping
Phil, Lance and Jessie de-watering, de-mucking and sump pumping the excavations.
8 More Piers Poured - Dewatering
Lance dewatering an excavation with a water canon.
8 More Piers Poured - Muck
Get Her Done
Forming, pouring, dewatering, get’er done!
8 More Piers Poured - Uplift Straps
Gyeem placing uplift straps in a freshly poured pier.
Last Form of the Day.
The last plywood form of the day is in place.
8 More Piers Poured
At the end of the day we had 8 more piers poured!

Quik-Tube Forms

Day #26

July 21, 2018 – To speed up the construction process I decided to use round Quik-Tube forms at the interior piers.  These are essentially cardboard tubes with a wax like coating. The tubes are placed in the excavated hole, backfilled and then filled with concrete. The trick with this type of form is to keep them as dry as possible during the installation and backfill. Once they encounter water they become soggy and begin to break down.

We placed, backfilled  and poured three Quik-Tube forms and one square plywood form with bagged concrete. This makes a total of seven (7) concrete piers and thirty-five (35) bags of concrete.

The piers that were poured yesterday were also stripped and backfilled. 

The weather is forecast to rain tomorrow. It’s going to be a mess!

Quik-Tube Form
Quik-Tube form is ready to be marked at the proper elevation and cut to length.
Quik-Tube Forms - Mixing Concrete
Hand mixing bagged concrete for a Quik-Tube pour.
Stripping Forms
Stripping plywood pier forms.
Backfilling Piers
Backfilling concrete piers.

Three Piers Submerged In Muck

Day #26

July 20, 2018 – This morning I discovered the three piers that I set last week are submerged in water and muck.  My original plan was to set all nineteen forms in place and pour them with one concrete delivery. Realizing that this would not work I decided to pour the three I had in place with bagged concrete. 

I  calculated five #80 lb. bags of concrete for each pier, a total of 15 bags.  After dewatering and de-mucking each one I set off to Lowe’s to get the concrete. Because of the weight of the concrete I had to make two trips. Each trip was 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back. Uggghhhh!

We are now coming out of the ground!

Towards the end of the day I set in place another square form. We will pour that one tomorrow. I’m now considering Sonotube forms for some of the piers. Gotta speed up this process.

Three Piers - Pier #1

#1 braced and poured in place.

Three Piers - Pier #2
Uplift strapping.
Three Piers - Corner Pier #3
Corner pier #3 braced and poured in place.
First three concrete piers poured in place.
Pier Form #4
Square plywood form set in the hole.

Building Pier Forms

Building Pier Forms

Day #25

July 15, 2018 – Today was building pier forms day.  I decided to change my tactic on the concrete pier forms. Rather than building and setting them as I go, I decided to concentrate only on building the remaining forms. I will have to set them in place when I have more help.

I made two trips out to Lowe’s and back today. On the first trip I got seven 12 inch diameter Sonotube cardboard forms for the piers along the cottage. On the second trip I got enough 2 × 4’s to complete the remaining eight square pier forms. Just to summarize there are a total of nineteen (19) piers. Seven formed with Sonotube, eleven formed with square plywood forms and one formed in place with whatever we need to use.

I was putting the finishing touches on the last form when an afternoon thunderstorm blew in. We hurriedly covered everything with tarps and called it a day. Next weekend, weather permitting,  we will continue setting the forms in place.