Three Piers Submerged In Muck

Day #26

July 20, 2018 – This morning I discovered the three piers that I set last week are submerged in water and muck.  My original plan was to set all nineteen forms in place and pour them with one concrete delivery. Realizing that this would not work I decided to pour the three I had in place with bagged concrete. 

I  calculated five #80 lb. bags of concrete for each pier, a total of 15 bags.  After dewatering and de-mucking each one I set off to Lowe’s to get the concrete. Because of the weight of the concrete I had to make two trips. Each trip was 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back. Uggghhhh!

We are now coming out of the ground!

Towards the end of the day I set in place another square form. We will pour that one tomorrow. I’m now considering Sonotube forms for some of the piers. Gotta speed up this process.

Three Piers - Pier #1

#1 braced and poured in place.

Three Piers - Pier #2
Uplift strapping.
Three Piers - Corner Pier #3
Corner pier #3 braced and poured in place.
First three concrete piers poured in place.
Pier Form #4
Square plywood form set in the hole.

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