Concrete Work Is All Done!

Day #31

July 29, 2018 – It is my great pleasure to report that all of the concrete work is done! The family really pulled together this weekend and killed it!

Today we dewatered and poured the last three concrete piers.  All of the piers were striped and all of the footings except for one in the back corner are backfilled. Next weekend, after the last footing is backfilled, we will officially start the floor framing.

Once again, I want to thank my hard working construction crew. Without their help we would not have been able to get the concrete work done this weekend.  So, in no particular order (but different than the last time), Hank, Henry, Ryan, Angelie, Megan, Troy,  Jessie, Phil, Lance you guys are the best crew ever! Thank you all for your hard work this weekend. 

We’ll see what the weather has in store for us next weekend.

Here are some interesting statistics.

  1. Placing 19 footings we poured 2.75 cubic yards of ready mix concrete.
  2. Constructing 19 piers we hand mixed and placed 1.94 cubic yards of bagged concrete mix.
  3. Each bag of concrete mix weighes 80 lbs.
  4. We mixed 88 bags of concrete for a total of 7040 lbs.
  5. To keep the footings dry we pumped, bucketed and dipped close to 10 cubic yards of water and muck.

With that in mind I need a volunteer to count nails. Any takers…?

Concrete Work - Dewatering
Angelie dewatering the last footing with a water canon.
Concrete Work - Mixing Concrete
Phil getting ready to mix up some bagged concrete.
Concrete Work Last Pier
Gyeem shoveling concrete into the last pier form.
Concrete Work - Last Pier
Ryan consolidating the concrete pour.
Concrete Work Complete
View of concrete piers at the end of the day.
Concrete Work Complete
View of concrete piers at the end of the day.
Concrete Work Complete
Celebration Corona at the end of a long weekend.

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