8 More Piers Poured

Day #30

July 28, 2018 – Today we spent the day dewatering, sump pumping, frog removing, de-mucking, forming and pouring. With a lot of hard work from my construction crew, we managed to get 8 more piers poured. We accomplished much more than I than I had hoped for.  At the end of the day only three more piers remained. With some luck these will be completed tomorrow.

I want to thank my hard working construction crew. Without them we would not have been able to get all this work done.  So, in no particular order, Robrandi, Lance, Ryan, Angelie, Megan, Troy, Hank, Jessie, Phil and Henry you guys are the best crew ever! Thank you all for your hard work today. We will get this done and it will be awesome! It’s a promise!

As a way to kick off the Celebration portion of this blog I will admit that today I turned 60 years young

DeWatering, De-Mucking, Sump Pumping
Phil, Lance and Jessie de-watering, de-mucking and sump pumping the excavations.
8 More Piers Poured - Dewatering
Lance dewatering an excavation with a water canon.
8 More Piers Poured - Muck
Get Her Done
Forming, pouring, dewatering, get’er done!
8 More Piers Poured - Uplift Straps
Gyeem placing uplift straps in a freshly poured pier.
Last Form of the Day.
The last plywood form of the day is in place.
8 More Piers Poured
At the end of the day we had 8 more piers poured!

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