Level 21 Stink Bug Barrier

Day #139

June 27, 2020 – Just a short blog. Today I put up a Level 21 Stink Bug Barrier along the open gable end in the kitchen. Otherwise known as 6 mil Black Plastic Sheeting, our hope is that it will slow down or possibly stop the invasion.

Up to this point I’ve been focusing on completing the new roof. As a result, the inside of the kitchen is wide open and exposed to the attic. Since the temperature has been rising, we have thousands of Stink Bugs coming to life. They crawl out of the spaces between the roof planking, fly thru the attic and land on the new kitchen windows . They see the morning sunshine and are trying to get out. It’s disgusting!

Stink Bug Nest

Robrandi asked me if there was anything I could do to slow them down. Well, back in May I rigged up a homemade Stink Bug Trap. We put it on at night and the bugs fly to the light, drop into the water and drown. It actually works pretty good but there is just to many of them so I have to move to phase two, the Level21 Stink Bug Barrier.

Stink Bug Trap
Homemade stink bug trap.
Level 21 Sting Bug Barrier
6 mil Black Plastic Sheeting

 6 mil Black Plastic Sheeting

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