Moving Right Along with the Porch Ceiling Installation.

Day #138

June 27, 2020 – With the dividing wall complete I can move along with the remainder of the porch ceiling installation. This includes furring strips, ceiling fan rough in and the PVC trim boards to cover the porch beams. If you face the cottage the flow of work moves left to right or east to west. Not sure why that’s important but I’ll throw it in there anyway.

PVC Trim
Moving right along with the PVC trim boards.
Ceiling Panels
Closing up section one of the ceiling panel installation.
Section One Done - Ceiling - Moving Right Along
Ceiling panels complete in section one.
Section Two
Starting PVC trim in section two just west of the dividing wall.
Ceiling Panels Section Two - Moving Right Along
Ceiling panels in section two. Moving right along.
Porch Section Three
Section three ceiling panels.

Hey look, there’s that “Almost 7 Foot Picture Window“. Did ya measure?

From here I will continue the ceiling panels. We have had some difficulty locating more of this aluminum. We bought everything that the Lewistown Lowe’s had. Next week I will make the rounds to the Mechanicsburg Lowe’s and the Home Depot to see if I can get enough to finish.

Aluminum Ceiling Panel Availability

Part of the problem has been sorting out good panels from the large pile of mostly damaged panels. From what I can see, it looks like the practice at Lowe’s, is to simply return the dented, crumpled and scratched panels to the top of the pile to try and sell. I wish that these “Big Box stores would have a little more pride in the products that they sell. Take the damaged materials off the shelf, dam it!

Rant over…..

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