Porch Decking Complete – 64 Feet

I decided to split this day into two posts. In part one we continue the wall demo. In part two I complete the porch decking.

Day #90 – Part 2

August 18, 2018 – I actually started the last (fourth) section of porch decking back on July 21st. I managed to install three pieces. Since then we’ve taken a break for two weekends and then we concentrated on other work to prepare for the next roof section. Now I’m back to complete the porch decking.

When I installed the first three pieces of decking I noticed that one of the floor joists, near the end of the run, is a bit high. As a result, the ends of the porch decking are slightly elevated, creating a tripping hazard. I quickly realized that they will have to removed and the joist shaved down to eliminate this condition.

To shave down the top of the joist I used my Milwaukee Router. It took a little bit of time but it worked out great.

Trimming down the “high” floor joist.
Trimmed Joist
The trimmed joist.

With the trimming completed I reinstalled the first three pieces of decking and continued right along. They now finish out flush with the end picture frame board and the tripping hazard is eliminated.

Porch Decking Complete
Completing the last section.
Porch Decking Complete
Porch decking complete!

Our deck length is just shy of 64 feet. It is certainly the longest deck that I have ever attempted t build. This is my first experience with Trex Composite Decking and their concealed fastening system and I must say I like the results.

Next weekend we will be removing the front door to create the rough opening for the new sliding entry door. This will be very exciting so keep an eye on the blog.

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