Kitchen Floor Framing Complete

Day #38

August 18, 2018 – After a quick trip for lumber, some sawing and hammering, and voila, kitchen floor framing complete! The addition is now starting to take shape.

So far I am am very happy with the concrete work. Although the pictures are deceiving and the framing is not conventional the floor is perfectly level. It should also meet the existing floor elevation once we finish it off.

We also managed to get some more of the limestone spread in the area under the porch addition. 3/4 of the way done! Once we have the sub-grade stone complete I will begin the porch floor framing.

Kitchen Floor Framing
Kitchen addition floor framing continues.
Kitchen Addition - Floor Joists
Kitchen addition floor joists in progress.
Kitchen Addition - Floor Joists
All but one of the kitchen addition joists are set.
Kitchen Addition - Solid Bridging
Solid 2 × 10 bridging at the kitchen addition.
Kitchen & Porch Addition Overview
Elevated shot of the kitchen floor framing and the stone under the porch addition.

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