Final Sub-Grade Preparation

Day #37

August 17, 2018 – This morning Wolfley Excavating delivered 16.8 tons of 2RC limestone. This is for the final sub-grade preparation under the floor framing.

Last week we leveled out the mud piles and placed the landscape fabric. On top of this we will spread a 2 inch layer of this limestone. This keeps us out of the mud and provides for a more finished look under the porch.

We used some 2 inch screeds cut from old 2 × 4’s to help keep us at a 2 inch stone depth. It worked pretty well. Finally, with the stone in place we lightly compacted it with a hand tamper for a more solid layer.

At the end of the day I had almost reached the halfway point. Final sub-grade preparation will have to finish on another day.

2RC Limestone Delivery
Wolfley Excavation delivering 16.8 tons of 2RC limestone.
2RC Limestone Delivery
Wolfley Excavating leaving after the stone delivery.
Sub-Grade Preparation - Wheel Barrow
Stone is spread by hand to minimize the impact on the water logged site.
Sub-Grade Preparation - Hand Tamper
Limestone layered to a depth of 2″ and lightly compacted.
Sub-Grade Preparation - Wood Screed
2″ wood screed used to help control the stone depth.
Sub-Grade Preparation - End of Day
Almost halfway done!

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