Sub-Grade Stone Is Complete

Day #39

August 19, 2018 – Today we placed the remaining limestone under the new addition. All of the sub-grade stone is complete and the landscape fabric covered! By volume we have moved almost 9 tons of stone. Not to shabby for a weekend.

Started the porch framing but we quit when it started to rain. Even the toads were seeking cover.

In two weeks I will have the balance of the porch addition framing lumber delivered in one shot. Much easier to have it delivered rather than try and haul it in ourselves. 

Sub-Grade Stone Is Complete
Placing the last of the limestone under the porch addition.
Sub-Grade Stone Is Complete - Double Wheel Barrows
Double Wheel Barrows!
Sub-Grade Stone Is Complete
Sub-grade stone is complete and the porch framing is started.
Sub-Grade Stone Complete - Toad
Rain storm, even the toads ran for cover.
Sub-Grade Stone Complete - Floor Framing
View of the new kitchen floor framing from inside the existing kitchen.

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