Joist Bridging Continues

Day #45

September 15, 2018 – Installation of the floor joist bridging continued today. It was overcast and cloudy. The river was raging by at a little over 14 feet. Acorns were falling from the trees all around me.  I half smashed a Gypsy Moth Caterpillar that was crawling down my shirt on the back of my neck (more about this little bastard later).  All things considered I had a good day.

After the removal of plywood runway from the Labor Day weekend I got my groove on.  Finished up the day with only 11 of the joist spaces remaining. Tomorrow I will have the bridging completed.

Juniata River
Water is almost up to the Boob on the Boob Tree. Juniata River level in Lewistown 14.33 feet.
Joist Bridging
Bridging continues past the living room window.
Falling Acorns
The sky is falling!
Plywood Runway
The plywood runway from Labor Day weekend is removed.
Plywood Runway
Plywood runway removal.
Joist Bridging
Joist bridging continues past the living room door.
Bridging Overview
This is the view at the end of the day.
11 Joist Spaces
Only 11 joist spaces remain.

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