Temporary Electric

Day #46

September 16, 2018 – I finished the bridging for the remaining 11 joist spaces by midday.  Hooray! The floor framing is complete. Next task, temporary electric outlets. 

The cottage has only ever had one exterior electrical outlet. It is located in the side wall of the living room. Up to this point we’ve been using this one outlet to supply all the power tools. This wall, and it’s outlet, will be removed in the next phase of the construction so I needed to rig up some temporary electric.  

Near the kitchen I installed a couple of 10 foot 2 ×4’s to serve as both a light pole and a receptacle location. In front of the bathroom I placed a couple of shorter 2 × 4’s.  This will serve as an additional outlet location. I have the wire roughed in. Next time I come down I will install a new motion sensing flood light, some waterproof outlet boxes with GFCI outlets and a couple of breakers inside. 

Solid Bridging Complete
The solid wood joist bridging is complete.
Temporary Electric
Temporary pole deck deck flood lighting and GFCI outlets.
Temporary Electric
Temporary pole for GFCI electrical outlets.
Porch Overview
Bridging complete and temporary electric roughed in.
More on the Bastard Gypsy Moth Caterpillar

After I got home Sunday evening Robrandi and I went out to grab a bite to eat. As I was sitting in the restaurant eating, the back of my neck,  my shoulder and my right arm started to itch like a son of a bitch. I broke out in what looked like a poison ivy type rash. It was baffling. There is no way I was anywhere near poison ivy. Jokingly I told Robrandi that I was turning into a caterpillar. The only thing I remember was half smashing one as it tried to crawl down my tee shirt.

Well, son of a bitch,  it turns out that the hairs on those little bastards can cause a histamine reaction similar to poison ivy.  To get the itching to stop I  have to wrap myself up in old newspapers.  After 4 months I will emerge with full on wings cee…… Caterpillar Gyeem !

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