Interior Gable Framing and More Wall Insulation

Day #149

July 29, 2020 – Today I continued the wall insulation and started the framing at the interior gable end of the new kitchen.

I hung the television to have a distraction but, today I have to take it down to insulate the wall behind it. We used a Sanus Advanced Full-Motion TV Mount so it’s really easy to mount and un-mount the TV.

Wall At TV
Interior of the wall at the television.

Below, installing the insulation in the kitchen wall above the river side window.

Wall Above Kitchen Window
Insulation in kitchen wall above window.

Wall insulation behind the TV is complete and the television is re-hung and covered (below).

Insulation At TV
Wall insulation at the television.
Gable End Framing
Interior gable end framing.

Above, I am working on the framing to close in the interior gable end of the kitchen. In this wall there will be a access door to get into the attic above the living room and the remainder of the cottage.

Below, wall insulation in the newly installed gable end framing. I have a rolling scaffolding which would make high insulation process quicker but we just have too much stuff in the way. For this reason I am working from a ladder. Needless to say it is a whole bunch climbing up and down.

Gable End Insulation
Insulation at interior gable end.

Tomorrow I’ll be starting the insulation in the cathedral ceiling above the kitchen. At this point, my designer tells me she is okay with surface mounting conduit and boxes to hang the kitchen light fixtures from. This will give us a more “industrial look”. Okay….let the insulation begin.

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