New Panel Wing Wall and Happy Birthday to Me!

Day #148

July 28, 2020 – Continuing the electric rough in with a wing wall for the new electric panel and I finish the end wall insulation. Plus, it’s Happy Birthday to me, Gyeem Raj Du-Kamar. It has to be a good day, right?

As part of the electrical renovation we are going to upgrade the electric service from 100 amp to 200 amp and relocate the main panel from the kitchen to the living room. The framing below is a “wing wall” between the kitchen and the living room. This is the location for the new 200 amp panel.

New Panel Wing Wall
Wing wall framing for new 200 Amp electric panel.

All the electric wire will be pulled to this location and eventually terminated in the new panel. The wire dangling in the image below will power the new refrigerator along the end wall.

Panel Wing Wall
Wire for a new refrigerator receptacle.

Most of the overhead wire show in this image (below) is powering the cottage from the existing 100 amp panel. Eventually, I will disconnect this wire from the old panel, drop it down into the wing wall and reconnect it to the new panel.

Electric Wire
Electrical wire rough in.

After the rough in of the refrigerator outlet is complete the remaining wall insulation in the end wall can be installed.

Wall Insulation
Insulation in the end wall of the kitchen.

The new refrigerator will be located in the center of the wall as you see the old one below. There will be cabinets and countertops below the windows, on both sides of the fridge.

Kitchen Wall Insulation
Kitchen End wall insulation.

What’s up for tomorrow..? Well, you guessed it, more electric rough in and more insulation. Oh joy!

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