Cathedral Ceiling Rafter Vent and Batt Insulation

Day #150

July 30, 2020 – In the new kitchen we will have an exposed cathedral ceiling. When complete, it will be covered with 1″×8″ pine barn siding. Today, I started installing the rafter vents and batt insulation in the joist spaces for this ceiling.

R30 Batt Insulation
R30 batt insulation for the cathedral ceiling.
Cathedral Ceiling - Rafter Vents
proVent rafter vent installation in the cathedral ceiling.

Above and below, the rafter vents or rafter baffles provide a continuous air flow from the soffit vent through the roof ridge vent. In the summer this helps to keep the cathedral ceiling structure cooler and guards against mold, mildew and rot. I used proVent that I purchased at Lowe’s.

Cathedral Ceiling - Rafter Vents
proVent rafter vent installation.

Rafter Vents 03

I started the rafter vent installation on the river side of the kitchen. When I had the vent on this side complete, I dropped back and installed the R30 batt insulation (below).

Cathedral Ceiling - R30 Batt Insulation
Batt insulation between joists.
Rafter Vents 04
proVent installation on the railroad side.

With the insulation on river side of the ceiling complete I moved over to the railroad side and repeated the whole process. Rafter vents followed by batt insulation (above and below).

Cathedral Ceiling - R19 Batt Insulation
Batt insulation on the railroad side.

Tomorrow I need to wrap up the cathedral ceiling insulation. We’ve been at the Cot-Taj-Mahal all week long and tomorrow evening we are heading home. We have a big wedding to attend on Saturday. Ross and Lauren are tying the knot!

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