Permanent Electric Service Rough In

Day #192

January 16, 2021 – Welcome back after the holidays! I left the house around 8:00 AM bound for the cottage. I’m planning on working on the permanent electric service today. It was a very calming drive. I stopped at the Mifflintown Sheetz to gas up the truck and get a coffee refill. 

Conduit Round Up

Before I could start the work on the permanent electric service I had to get some 2″ pvc conduit and fittings. Well Lowe’s did not have any conduit. Bossert’s Hardware did not have any conduit. River Valley Hardware And The Cookie Jar did not have and conduit. Finally I made my way out to Nolt’s Farm Store, two miles outside of McVeytown on Route 22 west. Thankfully they had some conduit. Now back to the cottage.

As you may remember we had the previous 100 AMP electric service disconnected and installed a temporary service. This was necessary to allow the roof framing above the kitchen to be removed and replaced.

Permanent Service Rough In

I hung the new 200 AMP meter base on the outside of the cottage. It is mounts on an Arlington Meter Mount Block that purchased from Gordon Electric. The mounting block has a channel along its edges that allows the siding to finish off inside it. This makes for a very clean “no caulk” finish.

Permanent Electric Service
200 AMP meter base installed on exterior wall.
Arlington Meter Base Mount Panel
Arlington Meter Base Mount Panel

The conduit from the meter base runs down and then under the cottage towards the “Chokey” in between the kitchen and dining room. It turns up, passes through the floor , into the wall above and then connects to the electric panel.

Permanent Electric Rough In
Conduit run under the cottage.


Hole for Electric Conduit
Permanent Electric Service Rough In – Hole in the floor inside the Chokey wall.


Conduit To Panel
Conduit passing through the floor to the electric panel.
Electric Inside the Chokey
Conduit inside the wall of the Chokey, panel cutout and the panel itself.
Kitchen Interior
Inside shot of the Living Room and Kitchen. Note the electric panel installed in the Chokey wall.

The permanent electric service rough in went very well. At the end of the day I had the meter base mounted everything below the base complete. I just need to run some EMT conduit up through the soffit and put on the weather head and the service entrance hardware. I’m in good shape. I’ll be back tomorrow to rough in some three way light switches.

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