Let’s do some more demolition!

Day #146

July 22, 2020 – Just a short blog for the work today. Since we have the dumpster we want to get as much of the remaining demolition completed as possible. To that end, Jess and Phil are removing the old siding and I am taking out the living room and kitchen windows.

Siding Demolition
Siding demolition along the back of the cottage.

The last time we were removing the siding we stopped at this point. We have to finish setting up this scaffold section to remove the siding that remains on the gable end. Once that is complete we can continue around the corner towards the driveway.

Siding Demo Close UP
Close up of the siding removal.

Living Room Window

Above, removal of the living room window and time out for a beer.

Below, the framing to temporarily close up the living room window opening is ready to install.

Living Room Window

Above, the kitchen window demolition is next. Siding removal down to the next corner by the electric service conduit.

Below, the kitchen window is removed and the living room window is temporarily closed in.

Kitchen Window Demolition
Kitchen window demolition.

When I took out the kitchen window we found Mikey Mouse’s brother, Mortimer Mouse hiding behind the window frame. Similar to Mickey, he has seen better days.

Kitchen Window Demolition
Skeletal remains of Mickey’s brother, Mortimer Mouse.

After the siding demolition we install tyvek building warp to keep the elements from entering the outside walls.

Siding Demo
Building warp installed on the exterior wall.

That does it for today. I guess this post was a little longer than I though it would be. Oh well…

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