Ceiling Panel Installation Continues

Day #141

July 02, 2020 – I continued the aluminum ceiling panel installation down to the west end of the porch. Insulation at the top of the outside wall and furring strips preceded the panels. At the end of the day I only had one or two pieces left to complete the ceiling. It looks great!

Insulation-Furring Strips
Insulation and furring strips.
Ceiling Panels
Aluminum ceiling panel installation.

Dumpster Returns

Today we got the dumpster back in. There is more demolition to do including the remaining siding and the living room ceiling. More on this work later.

Dumpster arriving.

As I reported earlier, it has been difficult obtaining enough of the aluminum panels to finish up the porch ceiling. Earlier in the week, on Monday, I went on a search for the remaining material. I had to go to two different Home Depot stores and one Lowe’s store to get what we need. Thankx pandemic!

Ceiling Panels
Rounding up the remaining panels.

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