Frost Wall Demo

Day #35

August 11, 2018 – Today we set out to do some frost wall demo. I rented a concrete saw from BestLine Equipment in Mechanicsburg. When we got it to the cottage I realized that it was to big for what we needed to cut. I was not able to get the saw close enough to the top of the wall to make a cut. Because the was too low to the ground I couldn’t cut along the face either. 

Plan B was the old 3 lb. hammer and chisel. Fortunately the wall along the front of living room was constructed with large river rocks. Concrete does not stick to river rocks so I was able to easily hammer and chisel 6″ off the top of that section of wall.

I hoped to remove a section of frost wall along the side of the living room for the new kitchen sink drain piping. This wall was all concrete. The saw was to big to cut it and it was to hard to hammer and chisel. Looks like we will re-route the drain line.

After the frost wall demo I continued on the floor framing while Robrandi leveled out  and backfilled the low areas. It was still all mud. She used the lawn tractor to smooth it all out. At the end of the day we were ready for landscape fabric and stone.

Frost Wall - Concrete Saw
Concrete saw was to large to use.
Frost Wall - Hammer & Chisel
Frost wall demo with a 3 lb. hammer and chisel.
Frost Wall - Ledger Board Framing
Ledger board framing above the old porch wall.
Frost Wall - Floor Framing
Floor joist framing at new kitchen addition along the frost wall.
Frost Wall - Ledger Board Framing
Ledger board framing above the frost wall.

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