Floor Framing New Kitchen Addition

Day #33

August 4, 2018 – This morning we made a run out to the Lewistown Lowe’s for treated lumber to start the floor framing.  Yesterday I did a quick takeoff for the lumber I needed to start the floor framing along the kitchen addition. I was anxious to get started with the ledger boards while I had help. Unfortunately when we got back we discovered that the power was out. Son of a bitch!

I called in the power outage to Pennelec. After a short time they returned the call with a status update. It was anticipated that the power would come back on by 1:30 PM. My help could only stay until ,noon so that pretty much shot a hole in my plans!

With the power out I decided to strip the last pier manually with an old time screwdriver and a ratchet. I had to bail the hole out several times but I got it stripped and backfilled. 

At 1:05 PM the power came back on. Ahead of schedule, imagine that. The rest of the afternoon I managed to get a small portion of the floor framing completed along the kitchen addition.

Tomorrow, if the power stays on, I’ll continue the kitchen addition floor framing.

Ratchet Work
Taking apart the last pier form with no electricity.
Last Concrete Pier
The forms from the last concrete pier are stripped.
Floor Framing - Treated Lumber
This was our first load of treated lumber for the floor framing.
Floor Framing - Ledger Board
The first ledger board for the new kitchen floor.
Floor Framing - Ledger Board
Ledger boards for the new kitchen floor.
Floor Framing - Ledger & Beam
Ledger boards, band joist and beam at the new kitchen floor.
Floor Framing - Band Joist
The first band joist and beam for the new kitchen floor.

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