Concrete Porch Slab

Day #5

May 12, 2018 – Completing the porch roof demolition allows us to remove the concrete porch slab. Today we began this process with an electric jackhammer. Very quickly we discovered that there were actually two layers of slabs.

The first slab layer is inside the frost wall. Because it is not attached correctly to the frost wall, over time it settled. To overcome the settlement a second slab was placed on top of the first slab. This second slab contained chicken wire which proved more difficult to remove.

At the end of the day the only remaining concrete slab was a section located at the living room door. We will remove this at a later date.

Electric Jack Hammer
Troy on electric jack hammer.
Concrete Rubble Pile
Concrete rubble pile.
Porch Slab Removed
Porch slabs removed.

Next weekend the plan is to remove the wood stove from inside the cottage. Hopefully, our demo subcontractor can be haul it away with the concrete rubble pile and the frost wall.

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