Day #7

May 26, 2018 – Today, the #arsonsquad showed up and burned the 1950’s Yellow Couch. Codster stopped in for a visit and Henry got his first Cottage bath.

As far as the demolition / renovation went….

Outside the cottage, we broke up and removed the rest of the concrete slab by the living room door.

All of the Rhododendrons were cut down in front of the cottage. Unfortunately we knocked down a Cardinal nest in the process. Phil tried to relocate it to another rhododendron bush but we were not sure if that would work.

With the rhododendrons gone we can locate and tie in the sewer lateral from the new kitchen sink location.

Inside the cottage we finished the drywall and insulation removal from the living room wall behind the Warm Morning stove.


Burning Yellow Couch
Burning Man Yellow Couch
The Codester.


Henry's Cottage Bath
Henry gets his first cottage bath.

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