Two Hose Bibbs for the New Porch

Day #157 & 158

August 29th and 30th, 2021 – Since we built the new porch onto the front of the cottage, we’ve been without the capability to hook up a hose. This weekend the goal is to install two readily accessible hose bibbs along the front of the porch. I’m combining two work days into one post to provide better flow.

I am using PEX tubing for the first time. It has a higher burst strength and is better suited for our situation than CPVC pipe.

First I rigged up two mounting boards for the sillcocks. I mounted one at each end of the porch. Nothing fancy yet. We still have to put siding on the outside knee wall so these may have to be adjusted in the future.

Hose Bibb

Mounted Hose Bibb
One hose bibb at the west end of the porch.
Mounted Hose Bibb
One hose bibb at the east end of the porch.

Next I rolled out the 3/4″ PEX tubing. The porch is over 60 feet long and there is on piece of pex tubing from hose bibb to hose bibb. It is definitely a challenge to work with when you are by yourself. It keeps wanting to roll back up on itself.

Pex Tubing Roll
PEX tubing ready to roll out.
Pex Tubing
PEX tubing stretched out along the front of the porch.

Underneath the Porch

Once the tubing was connected to the hose bibbs and secured up under the porch I made the turn back towards the pump house. With PEX tubing you can use these 90° bends in place of elbows (image below).

Long Pex Run
PEX tubing under the porch and the hose bibbs connected.
Pex Tubing
PEX tubing run back to the pump house from the front of the porch.

Back at the pump house I turned off the electric to the well pump and opened the faucet in the bathroom to relieve the pressure in the system. Once the water stopped flowing from the faucet I knew that it was safe to cut into the existing CPVC piping.

Expansion Tank
Expansion tank and CPVC connection inside the pump house.
Cutting open the CPVC piping to drain the water.

Once the existing CPVC pipe was out of the way I connected the PEX hose bibb run to the pump house expansion tank and then to the remaining CPVC supply piping.

Pex Tube Connections
Connections at the pump house.
Pex Tube Connection
Connection at the old CPVC piping and the new PEX tubing.

I double checked all my connections and fired the pump back up. The system came up to pressure, the pump stopped and voila there were no leaks! The image below is on the east end of the porch.

Hose Bibb and Hose
Finished hose bibb at the east end of the porch.

This image (below) shows the hose connection at the west end of the porch.

Hose Bibb and Hose
Finished hose bibb at the west end of the porch.

Next weekend is Labor Day Weekend. Folks will be coming in so there will be no work, just celebration. See you back in a week or so.

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