Trim in the Living Room Continued.

Day #188

November 27, 2020 – I continued the trim installation in the living room. First up was the casement around the big eight foot picture window. It trimmed out very nicely. Right after I finished it up a bird flew in the open doorway and took a dump on the new window sill. This is just my luck. So now I’m chasing a bird around the house!

After I got the bird out of the house I took a small break for lunch at the lookout. I had a sammy, a pretzel, an apple and a bottle of water. LOL! It was a little chilly and overcast today but it’s still great to be able to sit by the river and watch the water flow.

When I came back, I continued in the living room trim, working my way around to the railroad side, finishing the window near the wood stove. Everything looks good!

Window and door trim.
Picture window and sliding door trim.

We are supposed to have a little better weather tomorrow so I’ll let the trim go for a day or so. I am planning on going back outside to remove the rest of the old siding. That will let me complete the building wrap installation.

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