Roof Sheathing & Felt Paper – New Porch Addition

Day #73

June 30, 2019 – Woke up to a beautiful morning. Perfect time to continue the plywood roof sheathing and felt paper installation. I will need to hustle to get this all done in one day. If I make it, the blue tarps will be moved to the next roof section.

Blue Tarp
Blue traps covering the kitchen addition.

For the roof sheathing in this section I estimated and purchased twelve (12) sheets of plywood. I already had several rolls of felt paper from a previous project and a big box of 1″ plastic cap nails. I had everything I needed so I didn’t loose any time running out.

Porch Roof
Roof rafters and ceiling joists over the new porch.

Roof Sheathing

The plywood installation went very smoothly. I hoisted the sheets up one at a time. Using my Rigid framing nailer I fastened them down with 8d ring shank nails.

Plywood Roof Sheathing
One sheet ready to be hoisted up to the roof.
New Porch Roof
Starting the second row of sheathing.

Between the roof rafters I installed plywood H-clips. H-clips provide additional stiffness between the edges of the roof sheathing and make for a stronger roof.

Plywood H-Clips for additional edge support.
Plywood Roof Sheathing
One sheet of plywood to install.

Felt Paper

After completing the roof sheathing I immediately started the felt paper installation. I had several rolls of felt paper. Some of them were 15 lb and some were 30 lb. I doubled up the 15 lb layers so, for the most part there is 30 lb felt paper over the entire section. One inch plastic cap nails hold the roof felt down.

Felt Paper
Roofing felt paper installation.

I am happy to report that this section of the roof was dry by about 4:00 PM. I made it in one day. Hooray!

Roof - Kitchen & Porch Sides
Roof over the kitchen and porch additions.

Next weekend is the 4th of July. We are expecting to have the Trex decking delivered on the Thursday the 4th. That is the delivery date we got from Lowe’s. We are skeptical but we will see.

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