Porch Floor Joists Def Jam Session

Day #41

August 31, 2018 – Framing of the porch floor joists continued today.

I installed the first section of the Yorkshield 106 PT copper ledger flashing. This flashing keeps water from migrating back into the cottage walls.

At the end of the day approximately 22 porch joists were set.  To allow for easier access at the living room door, we screwed down some temporary plywood decking.

In the blurred, whiskey soaked wee hours of the night the first Def Jam poetry reading occurred at the new Fire-Pit Stage.  Thankx to special guest star, Hurricane Dan and stage Lighting Technician, Studgie Studger.

The kitchen addition floor framing is complete . Tomorrow we will continue with the porch addition floor framing.

Porch Floor Joists
Floor joist framing for the new porch addition continues.


Porch Floor Joists & Ledger Flashing
Floor joist framing and copper ledger flashing for the new porch addition.


Temporary Walkway
Plywood runway at the living room door for access.


Fire-Pit Stage - Hurricane Dan
Special guest star “Hurricane Dan” takes the stage under the light.


Fire-Pit Stage - Def Jam Poetry
Hurricane Dan Def Jam poetry reading straight outta his cell phone.

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