New Sliding Door At The Cot-Taj-Mahal!

Day #101

September 14, 2019 – Exciting day today! This morning our new sliding door was delivered! It’s a Pella 350 Series white vinyl door. It’s the first new door in the cottage since October of 2000. At that time I had to replace the front door because of a break-in.

While we waited on the delivery, we removed the old living room screen door, metal door, and frame for the last time. These went immediately into the dumpster. Good riddance.

When the delivery truck arrived we got the door up onto the porch. We unpacked it and gave it the once over. I was worried about the door delivery because of the rough condition of the cottage road. Thankfully, none of the glass had any cracks.

Sliding Door
New sliding door up on the porch.

Before we set the door, I prepped the threshold with Pella flashing tape and caulking / sealant.

Threshold Prep
Prepping the threshold for the new sliding door.
Inside Rough Opening
Temporary framing, screen door and metal door removed. Opening ready for the door.

We set, plumbed and fastened the door in place. Everything went very smoothly. It looks great!

New Sliding Door
Door set into the rough opening.

After the frame is fastened, Pella tape is placed around the door jambs and head to seal the flange to the building wrap. This makes for a water and air tight installation.

New Sliding Door

Slidiing Door Inside
Inside view of the new sliding door.

We will complete the inside door trim when we finish the interior of the cottage, some time in the future.

Thank you to Troy for his help getting the door off the truck, onto the porch and installed in the wall. I am very grateful!

I finished up the day installing some more hurricane ties and rigging up a string of temporary lights. Tomorrow I will be continuing the porch roof framing.

Door Blinds
Door blinds in the new sliding door.

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