Kitchen, Living Room & Structural Demolition

Day #49

October 13, 2018 – The interior demolition in the kitchen and living room continued today. I removed the wing wall separating the two rooms. A section of living room ceiling in addition to a portion of drywall at the front wall have been demo’d.

During the demolition of the wing wall I discovered some carpenter ant / termite damage. The rotted, half eaten wood was removed and the area prepped for wood hardener and high performance wood filler.  The hardener and wood filler will be applied on the next trip. Unfortunately, this damaged area is directly under the wall studs that must support one end of a new beam for the kitchen roof. 

In the front wall of the living room, where the old porch connected, the batt insulation was soaking wet. As we had figured this area has been leaking for years. Some of the wood siding is rotten to the point that I can push my finger clean through it. As a result, we will have to remove additional drywall to determine the extent of the water damage. Tomorrow I will have to figure out a way to protect this area from continued water damage.

After the removal of some living room ceiling I began the structural demolition of the wood framing members connecting the old kitchen to the living room / main structure.  This will make way for a new 20 foot long beam. The beam will tie the two sidewalls together as well as support the roof during the kitchen demo. 

Even though it doesn’t look like much all in all it was a good day!

Photos From The Day 

Demolition - Wing Wall
Demolition of the wing wall between the kitchen and the living room.
Demolition - Wing Wall
Wing wall removal in progress.
Termite Damage
Carpenter Ant / Termite damage under wing wall.
Termite Damage Repair
The rotted, termite damaged wood is clean out.
Ceiling Demolition
Ceiling demolition in the living room.
Ceiling Demolition
Ceiling demolition in the living room prior to drywall removal.
Rotted Wood
Rotted wood in the exterior wall of the living room.

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