Insulation Starts

Day #106

October 6, 2019 – Sunday, day of rest…almost. There was not enough time to get the next roof section started so we decided to start the insulation. Off to Lowe’s we went. A little later we returned with several bundles of insulation. We have three different size cavities so we got one bundle of each to start. R-30, R-19 and R-13 basic, faced fiber glass insulation. It’s the itchy stuff.

Click here for more information on R-Values.

R-30, R-19 and R-13 insulation bundles.

With all the new roof framing there are numerous joist spaces that are open to the outside. Bugs and birds of all sorts have been coming in and out through these openings. Today we started filling them in with the appropriate size insulation.

R19 Fill
Filling the ceiling joist space above the exterior wall.
Gable End
Stuffing the spaces at the gable end.
Roof Rafter Cavities
Filling the roof rafter spaces along the rear exterior wall.

The final insulation will be installed after all the electrical wiring is complete. Filing these little spaces, atop the exterior wall between roof rafters should cut down on the drafts and help reduce the invasion of all the critters.

Next weekend I’ll start the framing on the last porch roof section. Our goal is to get the metal roofing on the whole project before the snow flies. We’ll be cutting it close.

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