Exterior Siding Demolition

Exterior Siding Demolition

Day #189

November 28, 2020 – Back outside today and working on exterior siding demolition. This will complete the removal of the remaining fiberboard siding. After the siding removal is complete I can finish the building wrap installation.

There was some exterior siding demolition at the location of the temporary electric drop on the south east corner. After that was complete, I moved over to the closet bump out. Finishing the building wrap on the closet I moved to the west end by the fire pit.

At the west end I had to work off of my scaffolding set up to reach the top of the gable end. Today’s exterior siding demolition was pretty straight forward. I didn’t have any surprises and I finished up the west end right around 4:15 PM.

Technically, I have one very small section of siding left to remove. It is on the east side where the pump house meets the cottage wall. It’s about 2′ × 3′ in size. This will be removed in the future when we install the new siding. So, for all intents and purposes the exterior siding demolition is complete!

The gallery below has ten images showing the outside of the cottage.

We probably won’t make it back down until sometime after Christmas. It’s just too busy around the holidays. Until next time…. take it easy!

A First Look at the Aluminum Ceiling Panels

Day #132

June 13, 2020 – Just a short blog today. I continued the electric rough in above the porch ceiling for the overhead light in section one, and the three ceiling fans further on down the porch. I was able to get a good start on the aluminum ceiling panels too.

Porch Ceiling Aluminum Panels
Aluminum panels and electric rough in.
Aluminum Ceiling Panels
The start of the ceiling panel installation.
Aluminum Ceiling Panels
New aluminum porch ceiling panels.

PS: I was reviewing my photos and notes from this day and I realized that I forgot to mention that my New Jersey Crew removed the old siding from the west end of the cottage and covered it with Tyvek. Obviously, they are making a “Artistic” statement by installing the building warp upside down. LOL!

West End Tyvek
Existing siding removed and Tyvek installed on the west end wall.