Labor Day Weekend 2020

A.K.A – Pork-A-Hole Holiday

We had a small gathering this year over the Labor Day Weekend.

Some of the highlights included:

  • Great friends and family!
  • Lots of good food and spirited drinks!
  • Fresh pork loins cooked underground in the Pork-A-Hole brought to you by the Bell’s!
  • Kayaking on the Juniata River!
  • $1000 Prescription Sunglasses lost in the Juniata!
  • Kayaking on the Juniata River!
  • $1000 Cell Phone lost in the Juniata!
  • Corn on the Grill!
  • Large Hairy Caterpillars!
  • White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies!
  • Chipotle chicken, lime rice, corn salsa, black beans and guacamole form the Kitchen of Ross!
  • Kayaking on the Juniata River searching for the cell phones and sunglasses.

We are happy to report that no one contracted the COVID-19 virus and everyone made it back home safely after the weekend. We’re hoping the Labor Day Weekend 2021 will return to normal.

Here are some images from the weekend.