Bring on the Porch Ceiling Fans!

Day #140

July 01, 2020 – Today is Wednesday, a “real job” work day for me. I am “real job” working remotely at the Cot-Taj-Mahal. On days like this I don’t get much renovation done, but a little bit is better than none. Just like a little kid with a new toy I had to put up the first porch ceiling fan. We took delivery awhile ago and I’ve been itching to get them up.

Porch Ceiling Fan
Porch ceiling fan number one.

The fans are Manufactured by the Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Company. They are the 52″ Discus Outdoor Fan Series. Because we didn’t want to deal with replacing batteries in remotes and not having internet access these are “low tech” fans. Pull chains operate both the fans and the built in LED lights. I have installed switches in the wall, next to the sliding door, to kill the power to each fan. We will have three porch ceiling fans when it is all said and done.

Fan Number One
Hole in ceiling and electrical box for fan number two.
Porch Ceiling Fan
Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Company

Now that I have my inner child appeased with the first porch ceiling fan I can continue with the aluminum ceiling panel installation.

Porch Ceiling Panels
Porch ceiling installation continues.