Molding, Casement and Trim – Living Room

Day #187

November 23, 2020 – This morning I made the return trip to Burnham. I dropped off the pallet jack at the Penn Equipment rental yard. Earlier, I decided to go to back to the Cot-Taj-Mahal to start the molding, casement and trim in the Living Room.

This work consists of wood base around the perimeter of the floor, corner moldings in each corner and door and window casement. Before the renovation is all said and done all the windows, doors and rooms will have new trim.

Since it was a Monday I did not stay long. I think I left for home around 1:00PM. On the highway I came up on this truck with a big old black bear laying in the truck bed. I’m so busy with the renovation that I forget everything else that’s going on around me. It was surprising to find out that it was bear hunting season in Pennsylvania. I did not know.

Looks like a pretty big one too.