Sewer Piping

Day #8

June 2, 2018 – Today I dug up the sewer piping from the bathroom and discovered that the 4 inch elbow coming from the toilet waste had a crack in it. Also discovered that the bathroom sink is on it own 4 inch drain lateral.

I was hoping that the sink drain and toilet waste piping came together somewhere but that was not the case. I dug out from the cottage 12 feet and they did not meet up. 

Rather than dig all the way to the septic tank we’ll install new 4 inch schedule 40 pvc piping and tying them together outside the edge of what will be the new porch foundation. I hope that this will hold up well into the future.


Sewer Piping Cracked Elbow - Toilet Waste
Cracked Elbow – Toilet Waste


Sewer Piping Drain & Waste Laterals
Separate 4 inch sink drain and toilet waste laterals running parallel.


Sewer Piping Drain & Waste Laterals
Separate 4 inch lines for the bathroom sink and the toilet.

Tomorrow we will have to make a trip to Lowe’s for sewer piping supplies.


Day #7

May 26, 2018 – Today, the #arsonsquad showed up and burned the 1950’s Yellow Couch. Codster stopped in for a visit and Henry got his first Cottage bath.

As far as the demolition / renovation went….

Outside the cottage, we broke up and removed the rest of the concrete slab by the living room door.

All of the Rhododendrons were cut down in front of the cottage. Unfortunately we knocked down a Cardinal nest in the process. Phil tried to relocate it to another rhododendron bush but we were not sure if that would work.

With the rhododendrons gone we can locate and tie in the sewer lateral from the new kitchen sink location.

Inside the cottage we finished the drywall and insulation removal from the living room wall behind the Warm Morning stove.


Burning Yellow Couch
Burning Man Yellow Couch
The Codester.


Henry's Cottage Bath
Henry gets his first cottage bath.

Wood Stove Removal – Warm Morning

Day #6

May 19, 2018 – Today I removed the Warm Morning coal / wood stove. In it’s day it was an awesome stove and it certainly fulfilled it’s mission. Additionally,  part of the drywall behind the stove was demo’d. More vintage newspaper was found underneath the stove.

We also turned on the water this weekend and discovered two leaking elbows underneath the cottage. These will need fixed on a future visit.

Cleaning out the dressers we discovered three baby mice. They immediately became fish food in the Juniata River.  Needless to say, Robrandi freaked! 

Warm Morning Coal / Wood Stove
Warm Morning Coal / Wood Stove
Old Newspaper
Old newspaper found under the Warm Morning Stove.

Concrete Porch Slab

Porch Slab Demo

Day #5

May 12, 2018 – Completing the porch roof demolition allows us to remove the concrete porch slab. Today we began this process with an electric jackhammer. Very quickly we discovered that there were actually two layers of slabs.

The first slab layer is inside the frost wall. Because it is not attached correctly to the frost wall, over time it settled. To overcome the settlement a second slab was placed on top of the first slab. This second slab contained chicken wire which proved more difficult to remove.

At the end of the day the only remaining concrete slab was a section located at the living room door. We will remove this at a later date.

Electric Jack Hammer
Troy on electric jack hammer.
Concrete Rubble Pile
Concrete rubble pile.
Porch Slab Removed
Porch slabs removed.

Next weekend the plan is to remove the wood stove from inside the cottage. Hopefully, our demo subcontractor can be haul it away with the concrete rubble pile and the frost wall.

Porch Roof Demolition

Porch Roof Demo

Day #3

May 5, 2018 – The chimney removal is complete. Today I will began the porch roof demolition. This includes the metal roofing, the roof plank and the framing. 

It would be nice to re-claim the pine roof planking. We need to find a good use for it later on in the project.

Knocked off around 4:30 PM then headed to Tony’s Cottage Inn over in Burnham to watch the Kentucky Derby. After the Derby ran I headed over to Wingman Brew & Cue for dinner. It was a good day.

Tomorrow I should be able to finish the porch roof demolition.

Chimney Demolition

Chimney Demolition

Day #2

May 4, 2018 – Chimney demolition today. The demolition consists of breaking up and removing the concrete block and the the terracotta flue liner. This demo needs completed in advance of the porch roof removal.  We will haul away the debris from the chimney after we break up the concrete porch slabs. 

Several years ago I rebuilt this chimney. As I was tearing the old chimney down, I discovered a hole in the flue pipe at the stud wall. The oak plank wall sheathing was burned and looked like charcoal. Surprisingly, the cottage hadn’t burned to the ground.

Using a hammer and chisel I made quick work of the chimney demolition.

Building Permit

Day #1

April 21, 2018 – Met with the Bratton Township Codes Enforcement Officer this morning. We got the demo/building permit paperwork completed and have the building permit in hand. Let the demolition begin.

Since we didn’t have any subcontractors lined up for the outside work yet we started the demolition on the inside of the kitchen.

Permit Issuance
Bratton Township Codes Enforcement Officer

Here are the before and after photographs of the beginning of the kitchen demolition. The  chimney demolition should follow in short order.

Before Demo
Before demolition photograph of our kitchen.
Kitchen Demo
Kitchen demolition day #01.