2nd Span Roof Rafters

Day #110

November 02, 2019 – Back after a few weekends off. I’ll be framing the 2nd span of rafters in the last roof section. First I remove the temporary weather protection (blue tarps) to expose the old roof planks.

Temporary Weather Protection
Peeling back the blur tarps.

Old Oak Roof Planking

Old oak roof planking exposed.

With the tarps removed I begin cutting and removing the top 7 or 8 rows of the oak roof planking. This gives me access to the existing ridge board.

After I have access to the existing ridge board I can install the galvanized joist hangers and begin setting the 2nd span roof rafters.

2nd Span Roof Rafters
Ridge beam exposed, galvanized hangers and 2nd span roof rafters.

The process of roof plank demo, hanger installation and rafter setting continues until I reach the end of the new porch roof. After the last 2nd span rafter is set into place I drop back and nail everything up. 

2nd span roof rafters
Setting the roof rafters.
Roof Rafters
One rafter left.

This gets me to the end of the day. No rain is expected tonight so I can get away with just a few tarps to cover over the roof. Tomorrow I’ll be installing the new plywood sheathing on the last roof section. We are getting closer to the metal roof installation!

Roof Rafters Section Three

Day #109

October 13, 2019 – Today is a milestone day! I started the roof rafters in section three. It won’t be long until the roof framing is complete.

Toady Frogmeyer came over to see what I was up to. I offered him some coffee but he wasn’t having any of it. Anyway….

Toady Frogmeyer
Toady Frogmeyer comes to visit.

To install the first span of roof rafters I construct a short knee wall. The wall is framed on the ground and then lifted into place atop the the existing exterior wall. After the framing is fastened, it is gusseted with plywood sheathing. This knee wall provides support at the mid span of the roof rafters.

Knee Wall
Constructing the knee wall on saw horses on the ground.
Knee Wall Framing
Knee wall framing set atop the exterior wall.
Plywood Gusseting - Roof Rafters Section Three
The knee wall is covered with plywood and the roof rafter installation begins.

Once the knee wall is complete I begin setting the first span of roof rafters in section three. There are twelve rafter in this last section. I hustled up all twelve rafters and had the last one set in place by about 2:30 PM. At about 3:45 PM I had the blue tarps nailed back down to keep out any inclement weather.

Roof Rafters Section Three
Roof rafters section three are set into place.
Blue Tarps
Roof section three temporary weather protection.

After I cleaned up I headed for home. The renovation and the second span of section three roof rafters will be on hold for the next two weekends. We have a PANA Conference at Bedford Springs next weekend and a SOFA Designer Bag Bingo the following weekend. I’m sure we will soon be fighting the weather and I also have to drain down and water and winter safe the drains. Busy, busy, busy….!

Porch Roof Section Three

Day #108

October 12, 2019 – Yesterday I completed the remaining posts and edge beams. Today the framing at the porch roof section three can begin in earnest.

Old Rafter Tails
Cutting off the old oak rafter tails.

The first order of business is cutting off the old oak rafter tails. On the last rafter tail there is a motion activated spot light. Installed by one of Fanny’s friends decades ago, I can’t remember the last time it actually worked. I had to climb up into the attic and crawl back to the back bedroom to disconnect the wiring. The color and the light coming through the cracks in the roof decking made for a surreal look inside the attic.

Attic Lighting
Strange lighting scene in the rear of the attic.
Motion Activated Light
The old motion activated light to be removed.

Ceiling Joists – Porch Roof Section Three

With the rafter tails and spot light removed I started install the ceiling joists in porch roof section three. Each of the three porch roof sections contains about twelve ceiling joists and twelve rafters. Coincidentally, it takes twelve sheets of plywood to cover a section.

Ceiling Joists Porch Roof Section Three
Ceiling joists in the porch roof section three.

Immediately after ceiling joists comes the installation of the solid bridging. If you are following this blog, you will note that this process is repetitive. I have written about ceiling joists and solid bridging at least two times before. The great thing is that this is the last section so I won’t have to bore you anymore.

Solid Bridging Porch Roof Section Three
Solid bridging installation.

Near the end of the day I finished up the solid bridging. After checking the blue tarps to make sure that we were good if it rains, I headed into town to grab a bite to eat. Downtown OIP & Grille, it is a pizza and beer kind of night!

Solid Bridging & Tarps
Blue tarps in place to dry in the roof.

Tomorrow I’ll start the first span of rafters in the porch roof section three. See you then!

Posts and Beams Porch Roof Section 3

Posts and Beams

Day #107

October 11, 2019 – Today I officially started the last section of the new porch roof. To kick it off I installed the 4 ×4 Douglas Fir posts and built up beams. Since my work hours are limited on Friday due to the lack of daylight at night this is all that I accomplished.

Douglas Fir Post
Douglas Fir post to support the next built up beam.
Built Up Beam
Constructing a built up beam.
Posts and Beams
Built up beam in place above the 4×4 post.

Tomorrow I’ll be installing porch ceiling joists and solid blocking.

Insulation Starts

Day #106

October 6, 2019 – Sunday, day of rest…almost. There was not enough time to get the next roof section started so we decided to start the insulation. Off to Lowe’s we went. A little later we returned with several bundles of insulation. We have three different size cavities so we got one bundle of each to start. R-30, R-19 and R-13 basic, faced fiber glass insulation. It’s the itchy stuff.

Click here for more information on R-Values.

R-30, R-19 and R-13 insulation bundles.

With all the new roof framing there are numerous joist spaces that are open to the outside. Bugs and birds of all sorts have been coming in and out through these openings. Today we started filling them in with the appropriate size insulation.

R19 Fill
Filling the ceiling joist space above the exterior wall.
Gable End
Stuffing the spaces at the gable end.
Roof Rafter Cavities
Filling the roof rafter spaces along the rear exterior wall.

The final insulation will be installed after all the electrical wiring is complete. Filing these little spaces, atop the exterior wall between roof rafters should cut down on the drafts and help reduce the invasion of all the critters.

Next weekend I’ll start the framing on the last porch roof section. Our goal is to get the metal roofing on the whole project before the snow flies. We’ll be cutting it close.

Roof Decking, Felt Paper & Shingle Demo

Day #105

October 5, 2019 – Looks like nice weather today. We will be working on the plywood roof decking and felt paper on porch roof, section three. My Tinnler Roofing crew is here doing some shingle demo, taking off old siding and relocating termites. Should be a good day!

Yesterday, before arriving at the Cot-Taj-Mahal I made the obligatory trip to Lowe’s for supplies. I got twelve sheets of plywood for the roof decking and three rolls of 30lb felt paper.

Roof Decking & Felt Paper
Plywood roof decking and felt paper.

The plywood roof decking installation went off without a hitch.

First Sheet
First sheet on roof.
Porch Roof Section 3
Porch roof section three.
Roof Decking
Approaching the top of the roof.

As I was installing the decking my peeps from Tinnler were stripping the shingles off the last roof section and putting them in the dumpster. It was a well coordinated endeavor.

Tinnler Roofing
Shingle demo on the roof section four.
Tinnler On The Job
Cleaning up the shingles.

After the plywood was complete, I rolled out the roofing felt.

Felt Paper
Felt paper installation in progress.

Felt Paper

Working into the evening I covered the entire section. Before coming down off the roof I had to dry in the last section with the blue tarps. We are expecting rain tomorrow and I’d like to keep as much of it out of the Cottage as I can.


It was indeed a good day. We managed to finish the third section of the porch roof. Only one section remains and then we can put on the metal roofing. The deck is looking bigger and better every weekend.

Rinse and Repeat Day Two

Day #104

September 29, 2019 – Rinse and repeat day two. The roof framing in section three continues with the installation of the second span roof rafters.

First I remove the top rows of oak roof planking to gain access to the ridge board. Next I connect the new roof rafters to the existing ridge board with galvanized rafter hangers. The hangers are Simpson Strong-Tie adjustable 2×8 hangers.

Existing Ridge Board - Rinse and Repeat Day Two
Removing top rows of oak roof planking to access the ridge board.
New Rafters - Rinse and Repeat Day Two
New rafters fastened to ridge board with galvanized hangers.

The opposite end of the second span rafter sits on the mid span knee wall. It is nailed to both the knee wall and the first span rafter.

2nd Span Roof Rafters
2nd span roof rafter sit on the mid span knee wall. Rinse and repeat day two.

Eleven rafters complete this section. As always, the last thing that needs done is placing the blue tarps to keep everything nice and dry until next weekend.

Section Three Roof Rafters
Porch roof section three roof rafters complete.
Porch Roof Section 3
Porch roof section three dried in for the weekend.

Next weekend I will install the plywood roof decking and cover this section with 30 lb. roofing paper. After that, it is on to the last section, section four. Hip Hip Hooray!

Rinse and Repeat Day Number One

Bathroom View

Day #103

September 28, 2019 – This weekend I will rinse and repeat the construction sequence that I used on the porch roof section 2. These next couple of posts should be pretty short. Just a brief re-hash.

I finished up the solid blocking between the ceiling joists.

Solid Blocking - Rinse and Repeat
Solid blocking between porch ceiling joists.

Next came the obligatory trip to Lowe’s for framing lumber. My canoe trailer works out great for hauling 16′ pieces of lumber.

Canoe Trailer
Hauling 16′ pieces of lumber with my canoe trailer.

With a fresh supply of lumber, I constructed the mid span knee wall on sawhorses. After it is framed up I lift it onto the roof, over the outside wall, and nail it in place.

Knee Wall Framing - Rinse and Repeat
Constructing the mid span knee wall on sawhorses.

With the knee wall in place I set the first span of roof rafters. This is a nice view of the Lookout and the river.

Knee wall & Rafters - Rinse and Repeat
Mid span knee wall and first span of the roof rafters.

This takes us to the end of rinse and repeat day number one. Tomorrow I’ll continue the second span of rafters in this section. Stay tuned….

First Span Roof Rafters
End of the day. First span roof rafters complete. Placing tarps to keep it dry.

It’s very exciting to be approaching the completion of the framing for the porch roof. It is going to be quite an awesome space!

Section Three Ceiling Joists – Porch Roof Framing

Day #102

September 15, 2019 – Porch roof framing in section three continues today with the installation of the ceiling joists. The joist installation process is the same as it was in section two so I’ll keep this post short.

After setting eleven ceiling joists in section three I started the solid bridging installation.

Ceiling Joist & Solid Bridging
Ceiling joists and solid bridging.

I ended the day a little early so that I wouldn’t be to late getting back home. Next weekend the porch roof framing in section three will continue. I will be finishing up the solid bridging and starting on roof rafters.

Roof Section Three
Roof section three.

New Sliding Door At The Cot-Taj-Mahal!

Day #101

September 14, 2019 – Exciting day today! This morning our new sliding door was delivered! It’s a Pella 350 Series white vinyl door. It’s the first new door in the cottage since October of 2000. At that time I had to replace the front door because of a break-in.

While we waited on the delivery, we removed the old living room screen door, metal door, and frame for the last time. These went immediately into the dumpster. Good riddance.

When the delivery truck arrived we got the door up onto the porch. We unpacked it and gave it the once over. I was worried about the door delivery because of the rough condition of the cottage road. Thankfully, none of the glass had any cracks.

Sliding Door
New sliding door up on the porch.

Before we set the door, I prepped the threshold with Pella flashing tape and caulking / sealant.

Threshold Prep
Prepping the threshold for the new sliding door.
Inside Rough Opening
Temporary framing, screen door and metal door removed. Opening ready for the door.

We set, plumbed and fastened the door in place. Everything went very smoothly. It looks great!

New Sliding Door
Door set into the rough opening.

After the frame is fastened, Pella tape is placed around the door jambs and head to seal the flange to the building wrap. This makes for a water and air tight installation.

New Sliding Door

Slidiing Door Inside
Inside view of the new sliding door.

We will complete the inside door trim when we finish the interior of the cottage, some time in the future.

Thank you to Troy for his help getting the door off the truck, onto the porch and installed in the wall. I am very grateful!

I finished up the day installing some more hurricane ties and rigging up a string of temporary lights. Tomorrow I will be continuing the porch roof framing.

Door Blinds
Door blinds in the new sliding door.