Gutter, Downspouts and the Demolition Continues.

Day #145

July 21, 2020 – There is a lot of work scheduled for today. Spouting Unlimited will be installing our seamless gutter and downspouts. Jess and Phil are here to continue the demolition of the old siding and we will be starting the removal of the living room wallboard and ceiling. We have the dumpster back and we need to fill it up.

After our morning coffee we started in the living room, removing the ceiling. It’s not drywall but some type of fibrous wall board. Years ago I had a sample tested for Asbestos. It came up negative.

Ceiling Demolition
Removing the ceiling wallboard in the living room.

Mickey Mouse

Over the years we have had our share of rodent invaders, i.e. Mickey Mouse and his friends. Taking down the ceiling we discovered the remains of this little guy nestled underneath a batt if insulation. I guess he settled down for a long winter’s nap and never woke up.

Mickey Mouse
Skeletal remains of Mickey Mouse.

Gutters & Downspouts

About 9:00 AM the Spouting Unlimited crew showed up. They got to work right away. It’s pretty cool to see them roll out a 60 foot long piece of gutter out of the back of their truck. The installation went smoothly and in a couple of hours we had all of our gutter and downspouts installed, complete with leaf guard.

Seamless Gutter
Rolling out the seamless gutter.
Gutter Installation
Hanging the gutter along the porch.
Far end of a 60 foot long piece of seamless gutter.

As the afternoon wore on Jess, Phil and Robrandi made short work of the wallboard in the living room.

Living Room Demo
Living room ceiling, wallboard and insulation removed.

Early in the evening we decided to hold off until tomorrow to remove the living room window. It’s a lot to remove the window and temporarily close it back in. I did not want to be working in the dark.

Living Room Window
Living room window slated for removal.

After a good days work we baked some cauliflower crust pizza’s on my old Weber Grill. We have a Emile Henry Ceramic Pizza Stone that is made for the grill. It does a great job!

Homemade Pizza
Dinner pizza ready to be baked on the grill.

Eight Receptacles for Kitchen Power!

Day #144

July 12, 2020 – Yesterday I completed the electric rough in for eight outlets on the outside porch. Today I am roughing in eight outlets for the inside of the cottage. This includes four receptacles in the kitchen proper, two “high” outlets for a TV mount and two receptacles next to the sliding entrance door.

Receptacle Rough In 01
Outlet next to entrance door and “high” outlet for TV.
Receptacle Rough In 02
Electric Rough In -North Wall New Kitchen

The process of roughing in electric wire through wood studs requires drilling a bunch of holes. Sometimes the stud spacing is not wide enough to accommodate a drill and the drill bit so a right angle attachment is a necessity. I’ve been using Dewalt’s Impact Ready Right Angle Drill Attachment. It’s been working out very well. You can also add magnetic bit holder extension bars to lengthen the distance that you can drill.

Receptacle Rough In 03
Close up – High TV Outlet & Low Outlet at Entrance Door
Receptacle Rough In 04
Close up – Receptacle Rough In – North Wall Kitchen

Next weekend we will be continuing the siding demolition on the outside and the living room ceiling demolition on the inside. I got the dumpster back in a week ago to take care of the debris.