Metal Roof Pricing Begins – 1st Contractor

New Porch - Metal Roof

Day #116

April 26, 2020 – Today I traveled to the cottage to meet with D&N Construction. D&N is the first roofing contractor that we are soliciting for a price on furnishing and installing metal roof on the cottage. I will get at least three prices before making the final decision. It is exciting to be at the point where we can begin this process.

Dustin and his young son arrived promptly at 9:30 AM. They both climbed on the roof and measured it up. Dustin had several questions on the roof construction and remaining shingles.

When they finished measuring we talked about soffit, fascia, gutters and downspouts. D&N does not do gutters and downspouts but they provided me with a contact number for Spouting Unlimited. Soffit they will do on a time and material basis, it’s out choice. I requested they provide a quote on the Kyfus Metal Sales textured metal roofing and a quote on standing seam roofing along with a quote on fascia. Dustin indicated that he will send me the quotes sometime next week.

I am scheduled to meet the second roofing contractor this Friday. It was a short sweet visit today.

Renovation Start Up – Pinhole Roof Leaks

Day #115

April 25, 2020 – This morning we traveled to the cottage to get the renovation started back up. It took awhile to get everything packed so we got a late start. Not going to get much done today but that’s okay.

When we arrived I noticed that we had some pinhole leaks in the roof above the old kitchen. When Troy and I covered this section back in June of 2019 ,we only had 15 lb. felt. No wonder it was leaking.

Renovation Start Up - Pinhole Roof Leaks
Re-felting the roof over the old kitchen.

Luckily, I had some 30 lb. roofing felt on hand. I got up on the roof and quickly re-covered the area that was leaking. That will take care of the leaks until the metal roof is on.

Pinhole Roof Leaks
Renovation Start Up – Additional layer of roof felt over old kitchen.

Rob starting cleaning up the mess the Lumberjacks left in the yard and I did an inventory of my fasteners and straightened out my tools. That is the extent of what we accomplished today.

Before we went back home I set 8 mouse traps in various places. Robrandi wants to be sure that we don’t have any mice. Tomorrow we are coming back down to meet with D&N Construction to begin the process of pricing up the metal roofing.

Check In – COVID 19 Pandemic Delay

Day #114

April 19, 2020 – It’s been a month since our last trip to the cottage. We are now in the middle of a full blown COVID-19 pandemic. The Governor of Pennsylvania basically shut down the State on March 19, so we have been very hesitant to travel. Being mid-April, we are way behind out usual opening time of mid-March.

COVID 19 Check In
COVID 19 pandemic check in. Cottage from the Lookout.
COVID 19 Pandemic Check In
Firewood stacked up at the Pavilion.

Unfortunately, today is not a work day. We walked around and checked everything out. It’s all pretty much the same as it was back in March at our last visit. The firewood pile looks good. The river always look good and the cottage is fine. Hopefully on our next trip I will be able to start up and continue the renovation. Fingers crossed.

Check In On The Cottage

Day #113

March 14, 2020 – Today was not a work day. We haven’t been been to the Land Before Time since last November so we decided that we better take a trip down and check in on the cottage.

Sometime, during our absence, the Lumberjacks showed up, felled, cut and split the thirteen trees that Robrandi had marked back in November. Many of these trees were dead or dying. If they fell over, they posed a serious threat to the cottage and potentially anyone sleeping near them in a tent. The result is awesome. Just look at all the firewood we have for our night long campfire sessions. I can’t wait!

Checking On The Cottage 01
Pavilion stacked full with firewood.
Checking On The Cottage 02
Firewood stacked behind the Pavilion.
Tree Removal
Large Oak trees next to and in front of the Outhouse removed.

We walked around the yard and checked inside the cottage. Everything looked fine so we turned around and headed home.

Checking On The Cottage
Checking up on the Lookout.

In Mifflintown we stopped at the Clubhouse Grill & Restaurant for dinner. This is one of our hangouts that we enjoy frequenting. You can catch them on Facebook at ClubhouseGrillMifflintown.

Clubhouse Grill & Resaturant
Having dinner and a beer at the Clubhouse Grill in Mifflintown.

Little did we know that after this dine out the whole world would change when the COVID-19 pandemic exploded.