Porch Roof Section Three

Day #108

October 12, 2019 – Yesterday I completed the remaining posts and edge beams. Today the framing at the porch roof section three can begin in earnest.

Old Rafter Tails
Cutting off the old oak rafter tails.

The first order of business is cutting off the old oak rafter tails. On the last rafter tail there is a motion activated spot light. Installed by one of Fanny’s friends decades ago, I can’t remember the last time it actually worked. I had to climb up into the attic and crawl back to the back bedroom to disconnect the wiring. The color and the light coming through the cracks in the roof decking made for a surreal look inside the attic.

Attic Lighting
Strange lighting scene in the rear of the attic.
Motion Activated Light
The old motion activated light to be removed.

Ceiling Joists – Porch Roof Section Three

With the rafter tails and spot light removed I started install the ceiling joists in porch roof section three. Each of the three porch roof sections contains about twelve ceiling joists and twelve rafters. Coincidentally, it takes twelve sheets of plywood to cover a section.

Ceiling Joists Porch Roof Section Three
Ceiling joists in the porch roof section three.

Immediately after ceiling joists comes the installation of the solid bridging. If you are following this blog, you will note that this process is repetitive. I have written about ceiling joists and solid bridging at least two times before. The great thing is that this is the last section so I won’t have to bore you anymore.

Solid Bridging Porch Roof Section Three
Solid bridging installation.

Near the end of the day I finished up the solid bridging. After checking the blue tarps to make sure that we were good if it rains, I headed into town to grab a bite to eat. Downtown OIP & Grille, it is a pizza and beer kind of night!

Solid Bridging & Tarps
Blue tarps in place to dry in the roof.

Tomorrow I’ll start the first span of rafters in the porch roof section three. See you then!

Posts and Beams Porch Roof Section 3

Posts and Beams

Day #107

October 11, 2019 – Today I officially started the last section of the new porch roof. To kick it off I installed the 4 ×4 Douglas Fir posts and built up beams. Since my work hours are limited on Friday due to the lack of daylight at night this is all that I accomplished.

Douglas Fir Post
Douglas Fir post to support the next built up beam.
Built Up Beam
Constructing a built up beam.
Posts and Beams
Built up beam in place above the 4×4 post.

Tomorrow I’ll be installing porch ceiling joists and solid blocking.